The TikTok Videos of Abigail Mack where she had shared her admission essay had been shared among a lot of people and she had gained admission to the class of 2025 at Harvard University.  Her essay can be related to anyone, it is said so because the essay touches the hertz of people especially the ones who have only one parent. It’s not an easy task to digest the fact that you have only one parent while others have both parents.

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At the starting of her essay, she had mentioned that she hates the letter ‘S’ and after Abigail had explained why it is so. She had written that out of all, 164,777 words with ‘S’ she only struggles with one. And that it’s illogical to disapprove a letter because its use is about .0006 percent but that particular thing had 100 percent changed her life. She had said that she had both parents but she only had one, and the ‘S’ in ‘parents’ inst going to go.


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She had said that the letter ‘S’ follows her, she can’t even pass a day without remembering that while her friends had dinner with both the parents she ate only with her parent. Abigail had said that even Grammarly thinks that she should have parents. As it underlines the word ‘parent’ in blue while she writes her essay to tell her that spelling are wrong. She had said that cancer doesn’t heed edit suggestions. And that she’s not saying her case is unique and that the world is not meant for such cases.


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Abigail had tried to distract herself from the letter ‘S’, she had gone into different activities, sports, and clubs. She had said that though she tried to get distracted the loss that she felt was not filled but for the least, she had made sure that she doesn’t think about it. Out of all the uncontrollable things in her life she had controlled her schedule, that what she could only control.

After trying out all things, she had figured that what she enjoyed the most were theater, politics, and academics. And then she had gone to passion with double ‘S’ instead of doing things for distraction. She had said that though ‘S’ got her moving it hasn’t kept her going. At last in the essay, she had said that she doesn’t seek sadness. So ‘S’ has to say out on the sidelines and that motivation is more than enough until she’s ready completely.


@a_vmack♬ original sound – Abigail Mack

After sharing her essay she had even shown a video where she opens the email from Harvard which had stated her acceptance.  She had been so happy that she even had tears in her eyes. Though we go through bad situations in life we have to move on in life ignoring the sadness and smiling.

#5. Watch Abigail talking about her admission essay.

@a_vmack♬ original sound – Abigail Mack

#6. She was pleased to know that she had been accepted.

@a_vmackI didn’t have a voice for a week after this ? #harvard #college #accepted #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #MakeMomEpic♬ original sound – Abigail Mack

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