Something very strange had been posted by a woman in a twitter account. The question you have now is what happened? She had to show her the puppy’s driver’s license by trying to reactivate his Facebook account.

Because she forgot her password, that’s the way suggested by facebook as the solution. Emily Doucet was told that doing so would only allow access to the account again. The reason is that it is a puppy’s account. She has tried the password several times and it was locked. 

Emily Doucet

Animal lover Emily created a Facebook account for her pet in 2010.

She has not logged in to the account recently. However, after her marriage, she wanted to change the pet’s surname to be the same as theirs. 

Credit: Facebook

She tried every possible password, but it was all wrong. Constantly trying the wrong passwords is considered as a violation. As a result, the account was locked. 

She thought resetting the password was simple. After that, she reached out to facebook. 

However, the response came after that. The only solution offered by facebook is access to the account will be granted only after submitting her pet’s driver’s license or other government-issued ID. 

Since the tweet was posted, many people who have had such nonsensical incidents have added likes and reactions to it. 

A few of them below



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