Alex Cornell, an interface designer, and a filmmaker had come across something beautiful and rare in Antarctica while he was on an expedition. He had come across an iceberg that had flipped over recently. And the underside of the huge iceberg had a vivid blue color and it looks incredible. The color ranges from light aqua color to dark teal color and also is almost near to black color. To Fstoppers Alex had said that it looks more like a galactic artifact than anything terrestrial.

More info & Photo courtesy: Alex Cornell


image credits: Mymodernmet

Jan Lieser had said to Sydney Morning Herald that the icebergs are normally white in color because air bubbles are trapped in them. Jan is a marine glaciologist at Antarctica Climate and Ecosystems Co-Operative Research Center that is in Tasmania. As this iceberg is blue in color there might not be air bubbles stuck in it. You might have seen many icebergs but really what we see is only about 10% of the iceberg and the rest part is inside the waters. It was said by Jan that when the icebergs are inside the water they melt and then as the balance is lost at times they turn and flip. And the flips that happen are very powerful that they could even create conditions like a tsunami and also it’s really rare one gets to see a flipped iceberg.


image credits: Mymodernmet


image credits: Mymodernmet

via [Colossal], [Fstoppers]

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