The times of the world wars had been one of the darkest times the world has faced. Many lives were lost and many areas were destroyed. People had lived in fear during those times. In the last world war, world war II a lot of things were destroyed and now there are only some remaining you can see.

The places that were destroyed are now reclaimed by the nature. This village Łupków which is in Polland is also such a destroyed village. Though this small village was destroyed there are still some remaining you can see but of course, they are covered by trees and creepers. One interesting thing that had been found in this village is a sculpture of Jesus.





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Among the remainings found had been a foundation of a church and cemetery that had been abandoned and a bell tower. The Jesus sculpture had been found in the abandoned cemetery. The sculpture had been taken over by a tree trunk and only some parts of the statue had been visible. Accordingly, it is said that the sculpture is a sculpture of Jesus on the cross. 





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Other than the statue there also had been some crosses that had been placed to indicate graves. All those also had been covered by trees and moss. It seems that the dead soldiers from world war II had been the last to be buried in that cemetery. Scroll to see more and do leave a comment below saying what you think.


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