On 10th July 2019, a giant tortoise had been found from Fernandina Island in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. The tortoise had been there without anyone seen for 112 years. It is said that the female tortoise belongs to the species that was said to be extinct. 

Photo: Stock Photos from FOTOGRIN/Shutterstock

On these Islands, there are many types of tortoises amongst the other animals. Anyways the last time that this species had been reported was 112 years ago. she is said to be about 100 years old. During an expedition among Galapagos National Park and Galapagos Conservancy she had been found.  She had been recognized as Fernandina Gaint Tortoise or Chelonoids phantasticus by the scientists of the Yale University. After a comparison of DNA with a specimen extracted in 1906, they had figured it. This species was last seen in 1906 before this female.

The vice president of the science and conservation for the  Galapagos Conservancy had said that Fernandina Gaint Tortoise had been one of the greatest mysteries in the Galapagos. And that they had been rediscovered just in the time to save them.

Photo: Stock Photos from FOTOGRIN/Shutterstock

Now search for more tortoise has started and they are hoping to find a male tortoise to save them from being extinct. Gustavo Manrique, the Environment Minister had said on Twitter that they had been believed to extinct for more than 100 years. And that they have again confirmed their existence. And he had said that the hope is alive. More prints and feces had been found by scientists and they think that there may be more of there.

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