An American girl who’s a TikToker and an influencer Lara Fourie had moved from Texas to Melbourne in 2017. And after that, she had been attending an Australian school there. She had shared the differences between the US school and the Aussie school she attends through some TikTok videos. She had shared the culture shocks about the Australian school system through these videos.

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Lara the RMIT University student in advertising and the TikToker had said to the Bored Panda that she had moved to Australia 4 years ago. She had said that as her daddy was an engineer the company he works for had been moving their family had been around the world. Ahe had said that she had lived in New York, Texas, and even in Singapore.

She had shared that the hardest to get accustomed was the culture shock. The people were not good or bad but they were a bit different in other countries. And had said that the hardest was to change. And when she was asked what she misses the most in America she had said that it’s the fast-food restaurant, Chick-Fil-A in Texas. 





She had said that in America if a student swears they get detention and in Australia it’s different. Students there swear even in front of the teacher and they get away.

The metal detectors are used in many schools in the US and everybody the students and the staff go through them.  And they had been first used in Detroit High School in the school year 1989-1990. And it’s not a new thing. There aren’t much researches about the positive and negative safety or the social effects of metal detectors. And according to a study which was published in the American School Health Association it says that it’s is found that there are a fewer number students who carry weapons to school with metal detectors than the schools without them.



She had said that in Aussie the school starts at 8.30 am whereas in America she used to get up at 6.00 am and by 6.30 am the bus would pick them up for school which started at 7.00 am.



She had said that in Aussie they have a canteen and in Texas school, they had the cafeteria where they made a meal of the day and only had few snack options. Also, they had vending machines in the school which had soda in them.



Also, she had said about the school outfit. In Australia, they had an Australian school outfit for girls. And in the US the most generic Texas school outfit.



She had said that it was mandatory in the US school to take a second language, and an art subject, and a sport whereas in Aussie they don’t have to.



In America, they had 7 classes of 45 minute periods and in the first period, they used to give the pledge of allegiance. And in Australia, they have 4 classes of 1.5 hrs and at the beginning of the day, they have something called a house room.



About lunchtime, she had said that in America they had only a 45-minute lunch which they had to be in the cafeteria. And in Australia, they have a 20-minute recess and an hour-long lunch where you can go out in both.



The sizes of the schools had a big difference. She had said that the schools in Texas were quite big and they spend all day inside. But in Australia, the schools are kind of open and they get a lot of time outside.



She had shown the difference between the lockers in American and Australian schools. She had said that the lockers in America were either halfway or full length. And they even had the option to take backpacks to and from classes if they wanted to. And in the Australian school, she attended the lockers were small.



In Australia, she had said that she takes 5 subjects and they have 4 periods of one and half hours every day. And in Texas, they have had 7 subjects and 7 periods which were 40 minutes each.



She had said that in Texas school they had homecomings to celebrate the start of the football season. And even they had a prom and Sadie’s dance. Sadie’s dance was on Valentine’s Day. and in Australia, they have a year 10 formal and a year 12 formal and had said that it was organized by the students outside of the school.



She had said that in America they had hallways where they moved from class to class. But in Australia, everything is outside.



She had said that in America though they didn’t have a uniform they had a dress code. But in Australia, they have a formal uniform and on the day they have gym, they wear a PE uniform.



In Australia, they have drink taps and in America, they had water fountains that are similar to these drink taps.

#18. Check out her TikTok video down here.

@llarafourieCulture shocks I had when moving to Melbourne! #australia #america

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