A Boy was expelled as he had gone to school with a skirt on, and the teachers are standing against it so they‘ve worn skirts to class. Recently it’s in talk as some male teachers have joined in protesting.

Two teachers, Manuel Ortega and Borja Velázquez had worn skirts to class at the start of May in 2021. Recently bullying had happened in their school and they were not happy about it, so as a response to it they have done this. The school they work in is a primary school in Valladolid named  Virgen de Sacedon.

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#1. Teachers started to come to school in skirts by arousing the Clothes Have No Gender movement.

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#2. They had worn skirts to class so that their students could learn tolerance.

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#3. The teacher, Manuel, and Borja are on the left and right respectively.

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To El Pais Velazquez had said to them that they want the kids to know that words are hurtful and a change was needed. It is a Spanish newspaper that is online, and it’s the most read.

#4. The teacher Jose Pinas had also shown up in a skirt, he’s one of the first to come back in Autumn 2020.

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#5. On TikTok, Mikel Gomez who got expelled had shared happening.

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#6. Have a look at the TikTok Video.

@mikelgmzNo me daba tiempo a contarlo todo☠️#parati

♬ original sound – Mikel Gómez

#7. Here’s what the student had said in Spanish.

The 15-year-old was expelled back in Autumn 2020, and he had been referred to psychologists for wearing a skirt to school. As El Pais had said the student had done it as a support to feminists and trans people, and also to stand against bullying. He had recorded and shared it among people after he was said to visit a psychologist. And after many more boys in skirts had joined.

By the starting of November, many teachers and students had agreed with Mikel and stood with it. Then it had become a talking topic among people likely.

#8. Many students and teachers had got inspired by Mikel.

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#12. There had been many reactions to the movement on the internet.

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