From the West Bengal area in India, a special albino turtle was found & rescued. It has come to talk recently. This unique creature which is yellow in color looks like a piece of cheese that’s melted. This turtle was found by a farmer from a village called Sujanpur, Balasore in the Odisha state. He had spotted this turtle while he was working at a field and then he had brought it home and given it to the forest officials. Later the forest officials had contacted the conservation experts.

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image credits: weloveanimals


image credits: weloveanimals

It is said by the experts that it is about two years old and is a rare adult albino turtle. They say that these turtles are extremely rare. The executive director of the Association for Biodiversity Conservation Siddhartha Pati had said that it’s the first time that an albino turtle was found in Odisha but in India, it’s the second time.

Susanta Nanda from the Indian Forest Service had said that earlier a few years ago an albino turtle was found by the people in Sindh. She had shared a photo and a video of the turtle.


image credits: weloveanimals

Also, Siddhartha had explained that albinism is a congenital disorder and is characterized by a full or partial absence of tyrosine pigment. And had added by saying that sometimes a mutation takes place in the genes or there’s a deficiency of tyrosine.

The yellow-colored turtle had gone viral after it was shared on Twitter. And many people had said that it looks like a piece of cheese that is melted. The turtle had surprised many people by its appearance. These turtles can also be found in countries in South Asia like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.


image credits: weloveanimals

#5 have a look at this Video of the albino turtle.

Now the turtle has been again released into the wild.

Make sure to comment below what you feel about the cheese-like-looking albino turtle.

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