You all love to party and have some fun. And when you think of a party something that pops into your mind is a party bus. Though the time you spend there is fun not everyone’s allowed into some party buses.

There are party buses that don’t allow plus-size people in. And that’s what exactly had happened with Fallon Melillo from San Antonio. She who is a 27 year old and a body positivity advocate had been to Miami Beach to have some fun with her friends. They and decided to go to a pool party. And as one of them had given the idea to go on a party bus they had decided to do so. But sadly they had denied her entry to the party bus because of her size. And then the girl had shared what happened with her on TikTok and the video was gone viral.

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#1 Fallon had felt humiliated after she was denied entering because of her size

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To Bored Panda, Fallon had said that she never thought that many reporters and editors would reach her to hear her story. And had said that she’s happy that people want to cover her story even though she’s getting backlashes from rude people. About what had happened she said that they had bought the tickets through a promoter on Facebook and not on Eventbrite. And that they had taken the tickets about a week before. 

She had said that on the night before the pool she had seen that ad. They spoke with the Daer club through online chat. Then they assured them they don’t discriminate against weight. And after they had gone to the party bus hoping that things would work out as they didn’t buy the tickets from Eventbrite. The promoter had not given them any information.

#2 she thinks that people of all sizes should be accepted and their entire business model should be changed

image credits: boredpanda

image credits: boredpanda

She had said that there are people who think ‘fat’ as less. And had said that if there were laws to accept plus-size people, society would view it as accepting fatness and being unhealthy. And had said that the people in the society have to understand that it is discrimination for a change to happen. Much like the laws that protect discrimination towards race and LGTBQ communities. And had said that nothing was changed without a fight or a voice.

And had also said that if you are fat many people think you are lazy. They think that you don’t care about health. Also that they get a lot of bad comments from people. She had said that there are many bigger people who are healthy. She even lost a considerable amount of weight over the past one and half years but still is bigger in size. And also had said that there are people who have genetic conditions, diseases, and disorders and therefore they might not be losing their weight.

And also she had given some advice to people. She had said that don’t let places like the party but or cities like Vegas, LA, and Miami lower your self-esteem just because you are not their idea of beauty. And had said that everyone is beautiful despite what their shape or size is. And had said that body acceptance is for anyBODY and that you have to strongly face criticism by staying strong.

She had said that she was humiliated at that moment and had said that she’s not someone who stays silent. And that she has always advocated for herself and stuck up for what she believes. Also had said that she wants to encourage other people out. And had said that as the society is rooted in such fatphobic hate it’s hard for bigger people to speak out their experience as they fear judgments. That’s what is happening with her. And she had said that she wants people to know that everyone’s not like you but you still deserve to exists in your body.

#3 Have a look at the video where Fallon speaks about what happened

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The girls had decided to go to the pool party that was held on 31st July at Daer club. But on the Spring Break Miami Party Service Bus’ description on Eventbrite there had been something quite disturbing. 

She had said that on the page it was stated “Sorry, no big girls for this party! The doorman is very strict on appearance” and that it had said if you have had problems in getting into exclusive clubs before, then this is not for you. And had said that not to waste your time and their time thinking that they can get you in if you don’t meet the qualifications.

To Alexa Lisitza from Buzzfeed that after they reached out to the club they had assured them that they don’t discriminate against weight. Therefore they had thought things would go smoothly, but that’s not what had happened for real. When they reached there one staff member had said that they wouldn’t allow the 27-year old plus-size woman in because of her weight. And at that moment Fallon had felt very humiliated.

She had said to Buzzfeed that being turned away like that in front of people for the way she looks was very humiliating. And that she was embarrassed and shocked. She had said that though she knows she’s beautiful inside out at that moment she felt helpless. And had said that being turned away at an event just for the look is what every plus-size person fears.

#4 The bus service had changed their name and Fallon had posted about it

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#5 Even though the video went viral none had spoken to Fallon to apologize

image credits: boredpanda


Image credits: fallonlindsey


Image credits: fallonlindsey

Then they got refunded and found another way to get to the club. After the incident, the Eventbrite page of the party Bus had got down and had replaced another event named ‘Open Bar Part+ DAER Pool Party(EDM- Electronic Music) A Model look is encouraged.’ And also they had added the discriminatory part in the description and it says that as much as they would like to welcome everyone, admission to this exclusive event is very selective and that they reserve the right to deny service.

According to Fallon the idea of a model encouraged is “disgusting” and is discriminatory against plus-size women. And also she had said that now there are a lot of plus-size models and therefore the term is not clear-cut as the service wanted. In an update, she had said that the party bus services in Miami discriminate against plus-size women. And also had said that none had apologized to her for what happened.

#8 The reactions of TikTok users to the story

#9 Here’s what people on Facebook had said about this

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