Tony Austin, who is a photographer, recently had a walk in nature and had clicked a very rare image. When he was about to pack up as he had not found anything interesting a flock of crows had landed in his way. And then had decided to click some pictures of them and then had clicked this image of a crow having an ant bath.

The crow had landed on an ant hill and it was letting the ants get on to his feathers, this is called anting. There are many species that do anting, they sit on branches of trees and place their wings on the ground so that ants could get on and it is called active anting. Austin had clicked is a rare thing, the bird itself goes and sits on an ant hill. And the birds shake their heads from time to time so that the ants don’t get onto their heads and beaks. This is called passive anting and is common in robins and ravens. The saddening thing is that the reason for wanting is not yet discovered by the scientists.

More info & Photo courtesy: Tony Austin | Facebook | Instagram


image credits: Mymodernmet

Tony had shared with the My Modern Met that one of the birds from the group had seemed like having a dust bath and had said that it seemed a bit different from normal as his wings were laid on the ground. And had said that he found the behavior of the bird a bit different and had thought that it was some kind of distress. And then the birds had flown to a tree nearby. He had said that he did not see the ants on the bird’s body until he came home and started to edit the pictures. And when he had seen the ants he had thought that it was a bad decision of the bird to sit on the ant hill.

Also on Facebook, had posted them, and then he had understood the value of his clicks. Even an article on anting was done after contacting him by A news reporter from the CBC Vancouver named Cathay Kearney. And then only he had known how rare the pictures are. Tony had also shared that he had spent a lot of time from life taking pictures and it’s his passion. He had also said that like every other photographer’s hope he also hopes his photos to be seen by people. He had said that he is gratifying to be able to share these rare images with people. And also he feels a great debt to the bird and the ants for such a moment and that it would stay with him for a long time.

#2 Austin had captured some very rare pictures

image credits: Mymodernmet


image credits: Mymodernmet


image credits: Mymodernmet

Tell us what you think about this ant bathing. Ever seen such a thing before?

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