The wild is a place that’s full of amazing stuff. From the sunrise till sunset quite a lot of interesting things occur and you might only have seen a bit of what takes place. One such fascinating thing in the wild is a watering hole. Have you ever seen how the place looks and what animals visit during a whole day or more?

What’s amazing about a watering hole is that you get to see quite a lot of animals. You might think that to be able to see such wonderful scenery of animals you’ll have to stay for a whole day or more at that place. Well, thanks to Stephen Wilkes you don’t have to wait for so long. He had shot a watering whole for over 26 hours and now you can easily see how amazing it is!

More info & Photo courtesy: Stephen Wilkes


African watering hole
image credits: Stephen Wilkes

This watering hole that’s in Serengeti seems so wonderful with many wild animals around it. Of course, this amazing picture is a part of photographer Wilkes’ Day to Night project. It’s a very interesting project where there’s quite a lot of composite images taken at different places. The pictures that are taken are gathered into single frames and displayed like in this picture of the watering hole. 

For this particular photo as per the reports of National Geographic, he had been sitting for 30 hours behind a crocodile blind 18 feet above ground in the Seronera National Park. You can see that during the time of over 26 hours many amazing animals like zebras, elephants, and hippos had visited. Have a more detailed look at the composite photo.


African watering hole
image credits: Stephen Wilkes

For each of these composite photos in the project, the photographer takes about an average of 1,500 photos which is about 20 gigs of storage. And after, he does the editing part, and then a single amazing photograph is created. For someone who’s a lot interested in the wild, this image would be the perfect image to see.

And for the people who are amazed by Wilkes’ work have a look at his website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to find more amazing work. Also, do share your thoughts with us through comments.

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