Lately, gyms have come to talk on the internet. Though it’s a place where people train to be fit and healthy it not what the talks are about. The talks are about the unpleasant experiences that people face over there. Most of the time it is ladies who become victims but there are times that even the guys get accused of something they haven’t done. Such a story had been shared on Reddit by a user who had face an unpleasant situation at the gym.

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#1 Now gyms are more in talks for conflicts rather than for fitness

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u/ConsequenceOutside64 had shared his story on the subreddit r/AmITheA-Hole in the hope to understand if he was the one who was wrong there. He had said that when he works out at the gym he usually keeps a record of his reps on his phone. So on that day too he was doing the same and had been nearby to a squatting track which he wanted to use but it had been a bit crowded. And there also had been a lady doing squats and she had been wearing very thin tights.

#2 The guy had been accused by the woman of taking pictures of her.

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As he was not comfortable with it he had been close by to the racks and going through his routine until racks were less crowded. Unfortunately, the lady had mistaken him for taking pictures of her. The lady had confronted the guy in a bad aggressive manner being somewhat loud. She had even swearwords and also had demanded to check his phone.

#3 the guy had shared his story in the hope to know if he was the wrong guy

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In the post, he had said that he refused to let her check the phone as there was some private picture that he does not want others to see. And when this was reached to the admin they had also asked if they could check his phone but even there he had said no. 

Instead, he had asked them to check the footage to make things clear. And so the manager had checked the footage. He said that it was not clear what he was doing on his phone. But he had said that it was clear that he wasn’t tilting the mobile towards anyone especially that woman who made the scene and therefore it was not possible for him to click any pics of the lady.


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As he had not let them check his phone a question might be raised as if he was wrong. But he had been clear with the fact that it was his phone. A phone is private and he’s not obligated to show the things in it to anyone.

Though the people at the gym did not agree with it Reddit users had said that doing so would be violating their privacy even though it was the best way to solve the problem. The people had even understood that she had done so because such a thing had happened with her earlier. But they have said that she should have solved the matter in a more civilized manner rather than making a scene. It was said that he was not the wrong guy by the Reddit users. His posts had even received over 20k upvotes and about 3k had commented their thoughts.


Image credits: u/ConsequenceOutside64

#6 here are some comments by Reddit users

Surely do share your thoughts with us. According to you who is right and who is wrong? Comment below who you think is right and who’s wrong.

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