Human civilization has evolved over centuries and reached the state where we are today. Humans are very considerate of the social constructs, health, economy, discipline, and so on. Mental health, as well as physical health, is also now recognized as something that should be in a good condition for a happy life.

People visit therapists to keep their mental health updated and also help each other in case of a need. But one lady on Facebook spoke out on a fact that is not spoken out publicly. She is Mary Katherine Backstrom, publishing a post on Facebook, she discussed that no matter how people help others, they don’t address their own feelings. Scroll down to read more about this story.

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Most of the people put up happy faces to deal with their daily lives and hate themselves from the inside. It is a very bad practice since they do not open up for anyone to help them either. Backstrom explained that this behavior makes us compare ourselves with everything else in the world in a negative way.

Being negative affects our lives and it prohibits us from cultivating positivity, therefore it will trap us in this self-harming process that no one opens up to until it’s too late. We should all together express ourselves and present our non-perfect selves to the world with pride. Mental health matters, you matter to this world the most. So, practice discussing your feelings with somebody, your life will get better with time. Here is the post that Backstrom shared on Facebook. Comment down your thoughts about this article in the comments section below.











She received many responses in support!




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