Who says that dogs aren’t loyal. Remember the dog Hachiko who had been for many years till his owner returns. And also there had been another doggo named Dou Dou who had walked 36 miles all the way in 26 days back to his owner. These stories surely prove that dogs are the best and the most loyal pet one could get. Here’s a similar story of Ping An, a  golden retriever who had walked over 62 miles in 2 weeks to search her family.

#1 As her home was renovating Ping An had been left in one of her family’s friends house

Image credits: Xu Ge

This little doggo girl who’s just 1 year old is from Qidong, Jiangsu had been taken to one of her owner’s friend’s houses which is in Nangton before 4 months as her house was renovating. And as Ping An had been missing her home and family she had decided to walk back home all the way. When he had left the house the people of the house had thought that she had run away. But actually, she had walked over 62 miles to find her loving owners in 2 weeks.

#2 Ping An had walked in search of her family as she had missed them

Image credits: Xu Ge

She had walked a long way and reached an office building. The workers of the building had found her with bleeding paws and she been undernourished by that time. They had helped her out by taking care of her needs and wants. And in the meantime, they had shared about her on Wechat hoping to find her owners.

We chat is a Chinese messaging app, and with the use of it, they had found Ping An’s ower within a short time. The owners had come rushing for their loving pet who they thought had run away. Then the doggo girl had received medical care from the vet and is recovering.

#3 The family had thought that she had run away

Image credits: Xu Ge

#4 After 2 weeks she was found in an office building, her paws had been bleeding and she had been undernourished

Image credits: Xu Ge

There had been a video on the internet of their reunion and in it, the owners say that they would never leave her and that she would always be with them. Ping An, which means safe and sound is a very loyal and loving pet.

#5 The workers of the building had treated her wounds and had searched for her owners

Image credits: Xu Ge

#7 Here are some comments of people about the happening

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