In today’s society lot of things happen and many concerned about women’s safety. By sharing any kind of story which had happened to you on social media now we can make others aware of things happening. A similar story had been shared on TikTok and had received more than 1.1M views. Sheridan Ellis, a 27-year-old artist from Texas had shared about an incident where she had found a Tile in her purse after a night out. A Tile is an electronic Bluetooth device that is based on a free app.

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#1. The young lady had shared the incident on her TikTok.

Image credits: sheridanellis

To Bored Panda she had said that she had gone out with her friends on one of her friend’s birthdays, and after she had found that device in her purse.  What she wants to share is that we have to be cautious about what’s in our bags. She had said that she had shared her video so that others also can be aware of things happening. When she was taking things out of her purse she had found the tile. She had said that she was sure that she did not have a tile when she left home, but when returned she had one.


Image credits:sheridanellis

#3. She had found a tracker in her purse after she returned from a night out.

Image credits: sheridanellis

The tile is a small device that is helpful in finding misplaced things and is really helpful for people who tend to lose things often. She had even highlighted the fact that this could happen to anyone, be it a child’s backpack, a purse, or maybe a gym bag. And that we should not live in fear instead we should be aware.

#4. In order to make others aware of this and to remind them to be cautious, she had shared this on her TikTok.

When she had found the device she had removed the battery after checking if it belongs to someone who was with her the other night. Anyways she had not gone to the police as she was not sure when the tile ended up in her purse and she doesn’t want to put the battery in again. She also had one similar tile but when she reached home her one was in the drawer and then she had realized it was not hers and had asked if it belongs to anyone who she was with.


Image credits: sheridanellis

In her comments, she had found out about similar stories from people out there. In concern of her, some had even suggested to go to the police and inform about it. And some had said that the device cannot trach beyond 200 ft. also some had said that though people say not to worry it is a thing that we should be concerned about.

#6. Check out her video on TikTok.

@sheridanellisCheck your purses …? #fyp #psa #forwhatitsworth #safety♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

She had said that she even talked to the captain of the fire station which is next to her workplace regarding this and asked his suggestions. He had said that if she feels safe and she knows that she took the battery out before reaching home there’s no need to visit the police. Also, she had said that she was not sure when it came into her purse as they had visited many places that day.

#7. Here’s how people had reacted to her video.

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