Taking perfect photographs is quite challenging it’s not just good equipment that gives out good pictures. Amazing-looking pictures can be taken without using perfect pieces of equipment but it’s quite challenging. Philippe Echaroux, a French celebrity photographer had done this challenging thing and the pictures that were taken are superb.

It’s not an easy thing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. He had made a photo rig with the use of a McDonald’s Box and his iPhone. It might have looked a bit wired to hold a box in front of the faces and to take pictures, but he had done it well. In the end, the pictures had been edited using Photoshop Fix, VSCO, and also with the use of Lightroom mobile apps. But if he had not used his handmade flash rig it wouldn’t have been possible to get those pictures using a phone.

More info: Philippe Echaroux (h/t)

#1. The rig was made using a straw, a Burger box, and a flashlight.

#2. This is how his Photo rig looked after making it.

#3. He had taken pictures of some people and had used the rig.



#6. Here are the end results of his challenging work.






#12. Have look at how he does it in the video below.

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