Nature and its surprises are priceless. Though we’ve seen a firefly light up the sky at the night, ever seen thousands of them doing that, that too in a forest. In the firefly season in Japan, this Russian photographer who adores nature’s beauty had got a chance to see this amazing happening. Daniel Kordan not only had seen this but also had captured this moment to his camera.


Daniel had said to My Modern Met that he had felt like a small child who sees a Christmas tree for the first time in life. That it was exciting and enchanting like magic. He had seen them synchronously blinking and their light, yellow-green, light up the forest.

It’s not an easy task to capture such an amazing scene to the camera. It requires determination preparation and planning to get it right. Daniel had given some advice if anyone’s willing to do this on their own.


He had said that these fireflies are very sensitive to ecological conditions. And that it’s quite hard to find them. He had said that at times they just light up in just 2-3 days. And that only local photographers know information about them, where and when. So need to have a good relationship with local photographers.


In order to find more about the firefly photos, he captured have a look at his website. Also can find through his Instagram and Facebook.

#4. Thousands of Hotaru lighting up a forest in Japan.


More info & Photo courtesy: Daniel Kordan | Instagram | Facebook

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