Life is a wonderful journey and with the person you love, you can do wonders. This is such a story where a couple managed to give life to a dead piece of land.

As we know, the world is emitting heavy amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and it has caused massive climate change in recent years. Vast areas of land are being cleared everyday and the ecosystems are being destroyed with it. Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado along with his wife Lélia Deluiz Wanick are sensitive about this topic and this is their contribution to the Planet. Scroll down to read more of this amazing and inspirational story below.


Ricaro Beliel


Sebastião Salgado


Sebastiao Salgado

Salgado saw this piece of land; RPPN Fazenda Bulcão, which was barely populated with trees and he was shocked. Starting out with his wife and a small organization called “Instituto Terra”, Salgado initiated by planting around 4 million plants in a systematic order. He continued his project of reviving this land until Nature caught up with the process. Salgado gave its heart a kickstart and continued to plant and conserve the area until it transformed it into a forest.





Now it is the very proud home for over 293 species of plants. Also, this ecosystem holds around 33 species of mammals, 15 species of reptiles, 15 species of amphibians, and 172 species of birds.



Salgado explains how much ecosystems are important to our planet and its survival. The biggest contributor to minimize CO2 in the atmosphere is the greenery. He urges the need for the co-existence of humankind and nature.



He and his lovely wife, with the help of some very good people, showed the world that we can revive the land that is considered dead. Please comment on your thoughts about this matter and how we should contribute to healing this Planet of ours.


Sebastião Salgado


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