You might be getting the needed help from your loved ones when you are in a bad state. Just like the human animals also help each other when needed. Animals of the same kind help each other a lot. But there are things like cats helping dogs.

Normally it is said that cats and dogs don’t get along but you might have seen cats and dogs who perfectly fit with each other. This adorable couple Spike and Max are also the same. These guys share a strong bond and always help when needed. Well, it’s Spike who gets support from Max in this story. Scroll down to know about the lovely bond these guys share.


Spike and Max
image credits: Courtesy of Saving Grace Animal Society

Spike is a dog and Max is a cat, both these fellows are 8 years old and are always together. What’s saddening about Spike is that he cannot see. These guys had been living together even at their former home. But they were given to the animal shelter Saving Grace Animal Society by their owner in Jan this year.

Amanda McClughan from this shelter in Alberta, Canada had shared with CBC News that their bond has started while they were living outside together. They had huddled together for warmth. Also had said that the dog has lost his eyes due to cataracts. Therefore Max is like his support, he helps him in things and he can smell and feel Spike. This also helps to bring the anxiety and stress of Spike down.


Spike and Max
image credits: Courtesy of Saving Grace Animal Society

After them having the animals for some time they had thought of finding them a forever home. So they had posted on Facebook and had not forgotten to mention that they are both together and need someone who wills to adopt both together. The post had then received lots of love from people and within about 11 days they had found a forever home.

After them getting a forever home the Shelter had told the people posted saying that they are on their way to the new home with the new mama. Someone from Manitoba had adopted both of them together. 


The shelter is very happy for the duo and so are we. What about you guys? Are you happy for them? Leave a comment below sharing what you feel.

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