During the time of Lord Buddha, there were a group of people called the “Kalamas”. They were confused by the teaching done by the saints and the wise men of that age since a lot of these people were preaching their own views that eventually opposed one another.

So, the baffled crown visited the Buddha in seek of explanation. Although society and the world have developed so much in comparison to those ages, we still have issues in modern society. So just like how the “Kalamas” visited the Buddha for advice, let’s take a look at the 9 things the Buddha preached for the aforementioned people. They are still valid for the modern society and no matter what religion or nationality, these devices are purely for a better life.

9 Teachings For A Meaningful & Better Life.

  1. Do not believe anything that you hear. Learn to question, test, and explore it until you are sure about it by yourself.
  2. Just because many people have practiced it for a long time, do not believe or blindly accept tradition.
  3. Rumors are not to be spoken and believed.
  4. Even if it is a testimony of a sage, do not believe it unless you find it out yourself through practice.
  5. You should not believe in things that you have formerly imagined how things would be. Keeping your expectations aside helps you to get rid of a lot of stress.
  6. Even if something works in your favor, do not blindly believe it.
  7. Do not believe or accept for the sake of the teachers and sages that you want to please.
  8. Assumptions never work in your favor. Always believe in exploring, testing, experiencing, and then reflecting on yourself.
  9. There are many doctrines and preachings. Try questioning to clarify what’s needed for yourself. Remember, even gold is tempted in the fire.

This life of yours is precious and wonderful. Live it at your own choices, do not be afraid of exploring because it is the only way you know if things work out for you.

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