In life, we get to pass through many stages, tasks, and difficult situations all mixed together, creating what we call a ‘life’. But in this strange journey, there are few important things that you should pay attention to, even before you face them.

And one of those important things that you should preprepare is being a parent. Yes, having kids will change your life. It is a time where your body, mentality, and your entire life will tend to shift in various directions as you try to figure out this new turn in life. There is no ‘undo’ or ‘reset’ button in life, once you are in it, you will have to push through. So, it is wise to look forward to facing these important moments in life to minimize failure. To all the young adults out there, being a parent WILL change your life. Among many other things that you should pay attention to, here are 8 important points that you should know before having kids.

#1. Say Bye To Proper Sleep For Almost 2 Decades.

Proper, undisturbed sleep is one of the luxuries that every human being can relate to. But once you are a parent, you are solely responsible for your child and there is no off time in being a parent. The infancy of your child will be just chaotic to your sleep while the rest of the childhood of your kid will make you get used to improper & stressed sleep.

#2. Your Brain Will Fail To Perform Properly.

With all the chaos and the business in your new phase in life. Things tend to get jumbled up in your head. You will experience getting constantly stressed and forgetting things.

#3. They Will Surely Be Mistakes.

This will be your first time being a parent, so you will make mistakes. It is not your fault. But through these mistakes, you will learn.

#4. Your Intimacy Will Change.

Your home is not only yours now. When the kids start to run around, they will always want to be around. So, being alone will be a very hard task, you will not get alone time as before, maybe only for a few minutes alone before your kids walk in.

#5. Cleaning The House Will Increase 10 Fold.

Cleaning the usual way the usual amount will never be enough. It will only take a few minutes for the house to be messy all over again. You will feel the difference.

#6. There Is No Guidebook For Parenting.

No matter how much you read and prepare yourself, you will face issues of your own. You will never have those problems the way you will face them. So it surely will get you off guard.

#7. You Won’t Get To Be Your Old Self.

Even if you plan to become the old you again after some time. It will never happen, once you are a parent, you will always be one. It is quite the point of being a parent in the first place. But it is a different kind of experience.

#8. Your Expectations Of Luxuries Will Lower.

You will never feel 5 minutes of a cold shower this good. Once you are a parent, some quiet time by yourself in running water will be one of the best feelings you will ever get.

Parenting is a totally different chapter in anyone’s life. Even with all the issues, downsides and chaos, it is a beautiful journey that will mold you into a newer person. But make sure you know what you are heading into.

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