The idea of a guardian angel watching above a person has been coming down from a long time. It has been often mentioned in literature and people do have a strong belief for it as well. Even in day to day life, we might feel that some things that happens in unusual manners might be our guardian angel.

Celestial beings and their influence over us have been referenced in almost every civilization since a very long time. Here are 8 signs that a guardian angel might be looking over you.

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#1. Butterflies.

Most religions and cultures associate butterflies with spirituality and transcendence of life. They have been referred since there is such a presence with these wonderful animals. So, they are told to carry messages or signs among the worlds.

#2. Cloud formations.

Sky is generally considered as the direction of the heaven. The bond that everyone of us had with clouds when we were children was unexplainable. It might be the bond that we had before we had this life. Clouds also create various patterns, even though they are not direct, some of them might awaken stories or feelings within us. They are considered to be messages relayed from afar.

#3. Shades of color.

There are times when your vision momentarily sees a certain weird shade of color or a hue in certain things. The visual discrepancies are considered as glitches when a celestial-being influence is made.

#4. Ringing in ears.

Some times, you might experience ringing in your ear(s) and the reason for it is just nothing. Such unexplainable ringing in ears are caused by almost audible frequencies which are brains are not built to process. These frequencies might be a different dimension trying to contact us.

#5. Supernatural interventions.

There might be times where we all feel extremely lucky. Might be a car just missing us when it skidded off the road or might be something that you might find just lying to make you pretty lucky. It might feel as if they were tailor made events for you. They have a good chance to be so.

#6. Music.

Music is considered to be a language for many. You might suddenly get certain feelings or memories awaken when you listen to certain music for the first time. If not, you might even find some element in nature which refers to a certain rhythm or music that means so much to you. They will surely make you feel better instantly, just like a miracle.

#7. White feathers.

White is considered as holy in many contexts and even in literature, white feathers often symbolize an angelic or a holy sign specifically for the finder of the feather.

#8. Animals.

Animals and humans do not get along in the wild. But there are some times where those animals instantly understand us or they even seem to communicate with us. There are many religious and spiritual mentioning about animals all over their contexts.

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