Family is the basic family unit that almost every person is born into and raised up in. It is the child’s first school, first society, and almost first everything. The quality of a family decides on how the child will grow up in the future for the rest of their life. But in the modern family system and society, there are a lot of issues within the family structure. It is not healthy at all and it creates a chain reaction that will run through generations.

This is observed by Patrick Teahan, who is a psychologist. In his practice sessions, he has observed that family-based issues have been in the uprise and he could generally categorize them into 7 types. these toxic family units will damage their children’s minds to leave a scar forever, or mold them into the same toxic mentality that later they will also be victims to. This cycle of very bad practice should be identified and countered with, if needed, with professional help. Scroll down to see what these 7 types are.

#1. The Perfect Family.

Imagie Credits: Pixabay

This family looks really good on paper. Impressive careers, educational achievements, living standards, and almost everything else. The parents of these families push their entire families to be perfect. They worry about how they are seen by the outside world than caring for each other with love which is needed.

#2. Ships In The Night.

These are the families where parents think financial providing is the key. They spend most of their time and day away from their families. They naturally love being at work rather than spending time with their families & loved ones. The relationships in the familywill tend to loosen up with time.

#3. Families With No Love.

People who had received no love do not give love or cultivate emotions with their families. They will deal with their families emotionless and the entire operation of the family will run without any emotions.

#4. Toxic Divorces.

Divorces are not bad themselves. But how the parents handle it is the important point. The accusations, lies, hatred, and every bad thing between them or to comfort themselves will have an impact on the family.

#5. Chaos Situation.

These families tend to have a lot of issues more often. This may include poverty, abuse, divorce, moving locations often, and other chaotic things. This might leave the rest of the family in a state of unconnectedness they will never feel as if they have settled, ever.

#6. Toxic Single-Parenting.

Single parenting isn’t something bad. But if you constantly stress your child and put unwanted responsibilities on them when they are too young, they might feel as if they are meant to be working for other people their entire lives. Because they’ve not experienced love & they will do their best to provide.

#7. Aggressive Parenting.

When a child is brought up victimized, they will be numb, scared in the society or they might even turn into their parents and become an aggressor. They will never experience love, fairness, independence, and things that a child or any person should have. The abuse most probably will pass on to their children to ruin their families as well.

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