When you are getting around to performing your daily tasks in life, you might feel lazy. But have you noticed any patterns or repetitions? If so, it might be something else. A lot of people in the current society have experienced this and they have mistaken ADHD for being lazy.

ADHD is a common disorder concerning neuro-development of people. They will experience effects of it that most people might see as being lazy. They might lose attention, forget things, act without planning and do things as such. The worse thing about experiencing this is that other people might blame you for being lazy and unproductive when it is something biological that you cannot control. It is best to get yourself checked if you experience the following signs mentioned below.

#1. You Procrastinate And Move To Another Task.

Even though you feel pumped and very interested in something at the start and you always drop it halfway to start another interesting task. If you spot this as a common pattern of you it is wise to get yourself checked by a professional.

#2. Losing Track Of Time.

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You might go into watching a movie or doing something for a bit and later realize that you have spent double or triple the time that you intended in the first place.

#3. You Get Bored Pretty Soon.

You might be doing something that is pretty interesting and it might be even something you are good at. But soon, you will end up bored and washed out.

#4. Forgetting Preplanned Appointments.

With the issue of losing track of time, you will tend to forget simple things that normally would be seen as carelessness.

#5. You Will Alternate Between Hyped And Burnt.

Your energy levels will shift from feeling super confident to being super dried out. You will have no explanations but you will see the irregular shift of these two ends.

#6. It Is Hard To Gather Motivation When You Are Not Ready.

Motivation usually kicks people up to boost their energy and confidence levels. Once ADHD kicks in, you will have no control over your moods.

#7. Distractions Happen Often.

Image Credist: Pixabay

Your focus will tend to shift over to a lot of things. So you will lose interest and the energy to carry on with the present task at hand.

ADHD is a very common condition in society. If you recognized repetitive mannered occurrences of the above observations. Please seek medical assistance. And do not look down on people who have the same qualities as lazy people, they might be battling with ADHD.

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