Hinduism is one of the oldest languages which is practiced in the world and it had been closely associated with many other sub cultures and religions. A very large population of followers of these religions are found in India but the message is far wide spread across the world.

Lord Shiva is a powerful god in Shivaism and also a member in the Panchayatana puja ritual of Hinduism.  He is known as a creator and a destroyer in many sub cultures which makes him one of the major gods in Hindu culture. Here are 7 laws that Lord Shiva preached to have an effectively better life.

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#1. Being Truthful.

In life the truth can only be hidden for a limited amount of time. It will resurface some day or the other. So, a practice of being truthful will eventually make your life much easier and will keep you out of trouble.

#2. Being Educated.

Education or being informed about things is another important trait in life. This will help you make right decisions and save your self from making the wrong ones.

#3. Almost everything is an Illusion.

You should be mindful of the impermanence of things. If you bound your happiness with things that will expire and cease to exist. You are destined to be sad. So, avoid depending on temporary illusions for happiness.

#4. Be a helping hand.

Look out for the benefit of others. Being self centered will only carry you a short distance in life. If you care for the well being of every other being, you will gain pure happiness in doing good deed and therefore you will receive the positive energy as well.

#5. Do not chain yourself.

Being secluded to only what you were told to do will not do any good to yourself and your soul. Always explore and search for answers which will bring you serenity.

#6. Let your senses come alive.

Be aware of your senses. Do not let them take control of you, but take control of them and be ‘alive’ in this very moment in time. This trains your brain to control your mind so that nothing external can interfere with it.

#7. Take control / Be awakened.

This explains to be aware of the above mentioned facts and to use them consciously to arrive to the place of calmness that will heal your soul and gifts you a worthy life living,

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