You might find some people and situations in life where no matter how much you try to do something positive, it or they will manage to ruin it for you somehow or the other. After some time, you might feel as if it is your fate that this negativity keeps lurking around your life.

Well, it is not ill fate. It is something much simpler and much closer to you than you expect. This mostly happens when you let yourself be vulnerable to toxic people. These sort of people sense individuals who are easily approachable and vulnerable to their toxic properties. They will easily take advantage of you and get you to do what they want until your ruin. This does not happen because of your fate or any other external factor. It happens because there are reasons in you that make you an easy target. So, in order to eliminate these qualities that attract toxic people, you should focus more to take care of these 5 points mentioned below.

You Will End Up In Trouble If You Have The Following Qualities.

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#1. You Are A People Pleaser.

Doing things to make other people happy beyond your capacity will ruin you. You literally cannot please every single person, it is impossible. You will break your boundaries when you try to please everyone in every condition. So this is a quality that will attract toxic people to you.

#2. Trying To Fix People.

You are not a garage or a rehabilitation center to help and fix people all the time. You might be a helpfull person but you have no obligation to fix every single broken person.

#3. Afraid To Express & Confront.

Even if you know that it is a situation you are uncomfortable with, you will not speak up because you fear what others will feel. This will make you do things against your own will.

#4. Being Too Generous.

There is a line where you will have to draw in being generous. You cannot give away your time and wealth with no limits to it without attracting unwanted attention to ruin yourself.

#5. Being Very Nice.

Kindness and being nice are really good qualities. But when you have no cap to it, you will bend and break your boundaries by being overly nice to people. Being nice to everyone to the level best is foolishness. People should be treated with a general courtesy but not with unlimited authority over you.

If you see these qualities in you, there is a good chance that there are a lot of people taking advantage of you. So, you should not blame others or your fate. You should fix yourself to stop being vulnerable. Once that is fixed, you will experience the difference.

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