In relationships, there are men who lack confidence in them due to various reasons. They try to hide their fear and emotional insecurity by making the other person under valued. This happens due to their incapability to fill in the void of confidence in themselves.

This incapability leads them to be afraid of losing control or the urge to gain control. These types of people observe their woman’s weaknesses and exploit them as long as it makes them feel better about themselves. This is a common but a very unhealthy process, specially in a relationship where you share each other’s lives. We have mentioned below 4 main types of these manipulations that most men play on women to make feel better by emotionally attacking their partners.

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#1. Ghosting.

This is seen in relationships in the modern days which is not healthy at all. A relationship runs on proper communication. But disappearing and not responding to what you say or avoiding conversations is not right. These sort of people will then return as if nothing happened when they want.

#2. Emotional Rollercoaster.

This is when your partner spends a very nice time with you, making you feel really good. Then in a split second, they will do or say rude things and continue to be all cold-hearted. This might have a proper reason at times, but you should communicate with each other since an emotional rollercoaster is not a good ride.

#3. Making You Feel Miserable.

This is another very toxic trait that you must look out for. This is one of the most unethical and humiliating things a person can do to another. Making dark humor about you in public. highlighting your shortcomings and public humiliation to feed their ego, is a very bad thing to do on your partner or any human.

#4. Putting The Blame On You.

Blaming your partner for every possible thing is seen in a very immature and insecure person. Not being able to handle the truth or not being able to solve issues can be the main reason. But whatever it is, this is not something any person should deal with.

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