Religions are made to uphold lives of people and to make them better people with much pure lives. Religions have stated facts that are still being discovered by modern day science. Buddhism reflects mostly on clarity of the mind which helps to manage a simple and meaningful life. This is a study done by the Yes Magazine on how Buddhist teachings will help you make your lives better. Here are 4 of Buddhist beliefs that will change your lives into a better one.

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#1. Mindfulness

Being mindful is one of the main practices in Buddhist culture and practices. Being conscious about your environment, what you do and also about your self is a huge pillar to a better life.

People waste a lot of time repenting on their past and also just reacting to things in life without giving any thought, which will most probably cause a negative effect in latter life. Being mindful gives a person clarity, which can be used to make right decisions and also to know your capacity.

#2. Be Less Materialistic

Acquiring more materialist belongings doesn’t bring you any relief or permanent happiness. However they do add on to your burdens that will constantly haunt your mind. Not having a peace of mind will lead you to make wrong decisions and constantly being disturbed. Losing focus, being disturbed, unnecessary worrying and all those negative elements multiply as we accumulate more and more materialistic things around us.

With desire, comes fear, hatred, jealousy, loneliness and miserableness into your life.

#3. Generosity 

Being generous is also one of the best practices in leading a life with clarity. But, with the topic of generosity, a problem arises of materialism. One does not have to have a large amount of wealth or materialistic things to ne generous. The Buddha have taught that the most valuable things that one can give to another are intangible things. These intangible things can be time, attention, support, wisdom, skills and so on.

Being a giver helps people to be less materialistic as well as to cultivate positive relationships all around them. By practicing generosity, one will get to experience the ripple effect when the same energy is generated by the community.

#4. Letting go

Everything and everyone in this world is bound by impermanence. As humans, we tend to grasp onto worldly elements in our lives which will eventually perish. The harder one holds on to something, it will become more harder to part from it.

While practicing the above mentioned beliefs, one can develop the clarity to see the impermanence of everything. Thus, one can achieve clarity by being conscious about the world that we live in. When this level of understanding is present, one can get the control over their own lives to manage it while clearing out the unnecessary elements that will cause nothing but trouble in life!

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