Scultputiring is one of the world’s most historically important works of art. Ancient Greece is known to be the birthplace of modern sculpturing. Hailing from such early times, this style of art still prevails very artistically in the modern world.

These pieces of art are found in all parts of the world, especially in crowded tourist destinations. When you put anything together with tourists, you should expect something hilarious at some point in time. When people take pictures alongside these sculptures, some point down the line, you should expect people to be creative. People always have their ways of bringing humor into the world through creativity. This article is about such a set of photos where people’s creativity matches their levels of humor at the same time. Scroll down to check out these pictures to check if you can relate to any one of them.

#1. How I Was Dragged To School.

#2. Mcdonald Got No Chill.

#3. My Life In A Picture.

#4. When There Is No Light.

#5. A Sweet Kiss.

As you can see, these people see the world in a very creative and a different way apart from the mass crowd. Different perspectives always make the world a much better and a funnier place to be in.

#6. How I Would Be Welcomed In Hell.

#7. When You Say No To Every Dude And No One Likes You.

#8. That’s How We Get Things Get Done Here.

#9. A Big Early Bird.

#10. Oopsies.

After years and years of sitting there in the same place, it is a fresh look at these sculptures. You can either sulk about the world and bring the negativity upon yourself or be creative and loosen up a bit just like these happy folks. If the artists of these sculptures would ever come across these pictures, they would have a chuckle by themselves for sure.

#11. A Perfect Backhand.

#12. A Helping Hand.

#13. Me Trying To Balance Work, Health, And Social Life.

#14. We Would Never Know.

#15. A Real Friend Would Help You With The Boogers.

We found this cool set of pictures on, but we are sure that there are millions and millions of other cool pictures out there. If you know or have any, please share them with us and spread one chuckled around the world at a time!

#16. Innovation.

#17. When You Have To Explain Why Pizza-Hut Texts You Goodnight.

#18. The ‘Bear’ Minimum It Can Do.

#19. Tourists.

#20. You Won’t Believe This Man, Check It Out.

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#21. Let Me Snap This Real Quick.

#22. Being A Public Figure Requires Maintenance.

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