When it comes to photographs people get more attracted to color photos. In color photos, it’s the attractiveness that is more but when it comes to black and white photos they have very deep meanings. Color pictures have more to see where black and white pictures have more to think. Mostly black and white pictures touch your heart as they are very powerful and don’t have beautiful colors to distract you from the meaning of the picture.

The colors black and white are similar to dark and light, good and bad, and the sadness and the happiness we feel. Though these things are well depicted through images it’s very hard to separately look at them in real. Just think, we humans are also a combination of black and white. None of you are either good or bad, and you never stay happy or sad forever. That’s why black and white have a deeper meaning than the colorful attracting ones. There are many day-to-day things that we do not think deeply about. Have a look at these black and white pictures which have a good deep meaning.

#1 Trust is powerful

image credits: Remi Noel

#2 Impermanence

image credits: Keszi László

#3  Magnification is scarier at times

image credits: Antonio Gutiérrez Pereira

#4 Natural Beauty

image credits: Ferdinando Scianna

#5 Black and white Advertisement from the 1980s

image credits: Ferdinando Scianna & Marpessa

#6 Human Body

image credits: Louis Blanc

#7 Love

image credits: pinterest

#8 Intimate Beauty

image credits: Sanghyeok Bang

#9 Times are there where we get drown in what we ignore

image credits: Aliza Razell

#10 No difference for love

image credits: Mario Giacomelli

#11 Imagination is very powerful

image credits: Joe Baran

#12 Wilderness and love

image credits: Arianna Ruzza

#13 Crisis happens with no technology

image credits: Eric Pickersgill

#14 The white in you cannot be changed by the outside circumstances

image credits: Chema Madoz

#15 You choose your happiness

image credits: Marc Apers

#16 There are times that you need to walk alone

image credits: Paulo Mendonza

#17 None is fully black or white

image credits: Noell Oszvald

#18 Lights in the night

image credits: Mike Knudsen

Share with us what you feel about these photos.

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