Cats are pretty amazing animals that can make us feel happy any time of the day. These guys have weird actions at times and we tend to love them. Most of us try to gift them very expensive stuff, but they are really better off with the company of simple stuff. By the things they do, it makes us feel as if they are from a different world. Whatever they do these furballs are always adorable.

We have collected some of the most adorable looking cats from the internet for you. This might be the daily dose of kitty cuteness that you might need to make your day better. Have a look at these fellows and you’ll see that they all deserve to be Kitten of the year. Please do let us know what you think in the comments section.

More info & Photo courtesy: PawsPlanet

#1. Hands up buddy.

#2. Who says I’m fat, no I am not.

#3. The cute little furball is in love.

#4. As we grow we should look funny.

#5. Is something up there?

#6. Don’t panic, it’s just fine.

#7. Don’t know why but loves to sit like this.

#8. Better stay like this and watch.

#9. Love the pillow. Good night.

#10. Charge yourself before anything.

#11. I think we look lovely, aren’t we?

#12. It’s okay to not pose every time.

#13. Welcome home guys.

#14. Don’t call my name every time.

#15. Oops, sorry.

#16. So relaxing dude.

#17. Hello people.

Who do you think is the best Kitten of the year? Or is it every single one of them?

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