People have invented a huge amount of things that will help them in their daily lives. Complex as a computer or even simply as a safety pin, every single thing contributes to facilitating human life. But on a daily basis, we might come across things that might have weird attributes that we cannot make heads and tails of. Might be a random number or some form in the design.

Did you know that almost every one of these weird things has a purpose? Well, they are prepared for the design when the creators of a certain product design it. So, because a lot of us still struggle to understand the meaning of these sorts of things on a daily basis, we thought of presenting you with some. You can scroll down to check out certain properties that have a hidden purpose.

#1. Hole On The Tip Of Pen Clips.

Photo courtesy: © Trounce /

A lot of children tend to swallow these clips when they chew on them. There the openings on the clip will help the airflow in such emergencies.

#2. The ‘Wings’ On Your Charger.

Photo courtesy: © itsJeremiahS / twitter

These wing-like flaps will help you to get the wire wrapped up with no tangles.

#3. The Arrow On Your Fuel Gauge.

Photo courtesy: © IGotTheDeadInMyHead / reddit

This arrow on the fuel gauge shows you the side of the vehicle where the fuel tank is located. This comes in handy when you are renting or borrowing a vehicle.

#4. Screwdrivers Can Be Wrenches As Well.

Photo courtesy: © thetortureneverstops / reddit

You can attach the screwdriver to a wrench when it comes to certain scenarios where you cannot operate the screwdriver properly.

#5. Bristles On Escalators.

Photo courtesy: © Underbar dk /

Even if you brush your shoes against them, the purpose of them is to keep away clothes or anything from getting caught between the steps.

#6. The Ridges On The Keyboard.

Photo courtesy: Auxx

The ridges on the keys F and J are to help the user to places their index fingers. This will help them to know that their fingers are in the right position without looking down.

#7. The Stub At The Mark ‘1’.

Photo courtesy: ©

These serrated tapes at the end will assist you in marking measurements with no pencil.

#8. Pompoms On Beanies.

Photo courtesy: © jacek halicki /

This was initially designed to protect heads from being knocked on ceilings and other things. Later it was designed as a fashion element.

#9. The Hole Next To The Key-Hole.

Photo courtesy: Auxx

This small hole next to the keyhole gives the mechanism inside ventilation. This lets moisture and dirt pass out of the lock since most of them are used outside.

#10. The Hole By The Side Of The Camera.

Photo courtesy: © Dennis Cortés /

This hole is an additional mic that will help the phone enable noise suppression as well as capture a wide sound range.

#11. Handles Of Pots And Pans Have More Use To Them.

Photo courtesy: © unknown / tumblr

These holes in the handles can actually hold the spoons in them while the pan is on the heat. This will keep the spoon out of the food, and in a proper place where it will not touch any surface.

#12. The Groove On The Cup-Base.

Photo courtesy: © unknown / reddit

It is there for any collected water to drain from the surface.

#13. The Smaller Buttons On Jeans.

Photo courtesy: © Marcos André /

These small buttons are places to hold the sewing of the clothes together in places that are more likely to rip or come loose.

#14. Lids On Medicine Bottles Can Be Turned Into Childproof Lids.

Photo courtesy: © unknown / imgur

By turning the lid upside down you can fit the smaller part on the top of your lid into the bottle. This will create a childproof lid and this feature is available in most medicine bottles.

Here are some of the things that you might have not known before. You can let us know what you think about this article or even drop in your own input in the comments section below.

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