A relationship is a bond between 2 people, is one of the most valued and close bonds that we will share in our lives. It should be, we are sharing our lives with another person to trust and support each other until death.

These type of relationships requires a huge amount of love, respect, trust, faith and a bunch of other positive elements. Out of all those things, respect takes a higher position, because it is important to respect one another if you are merging two life lives into a shared one. Even though a lot of people discuss how to build trust, it is equally important to spot if there is an issue there. Ignorance and being negligence can cause a lot of problems. So, we collected a set of behaviors that will show the lack of respect. It can be your partner or you yourself, what you need to do is to spot it and pursue a remedy.

#1. Not Caring About Others’ Accomplishments.

You should support and motivate each others’ cause. Being present for your better half and being happy for each others’ accomplishments should be practiced. If these are neglected, then you might have problems.

#2. Using Certain Things As Bargain Chips.

You should naturally share things together with your partner. So things that you give out to your partner should not be withheld as bargaining chips to get what you want to be done.

#3. Not Making Time For Each Other.

Life is always busy, it will only get busier as we proceed. So making time for each other is a must and it is a matter of respect. If you see it as something not important, then you must devalue your partner.

#4. Withholding Information.

Not sharing things with your partner and leaving your partner out of discussions is not a good practice to continue.

#5. Making Decisions Alone.

Any and every decision affects both of you. So, when it comes to a decision, both of you should make it together.

#6. Not ‘Hearing’ You.

Hearing and Listening are two things. It means that if you have to force your partner to get things done. It is because they do not commit to it willingly.

#7. Lying.

If you are together, there is no point in lying since it will be revealed one way or the other. So, if you devalue your partner to lie, that shows a lack of respect.

#8. One-Sided Behavior.

This is a very toxic trait. When you are sharing a relationship, it should be for both of you. Respecting each other to co-exist in a relationship is a must.

#9. Talking Over The Other.

Disregarding your opinions in situations and not paying attention to yours is a violation of respect.

#10. Disregarding Boundaries.

This can be concerning the relationship or your personal space. If your partner tends to violate those boundaries, then your partner does not respect you enough to value the relationship with you.

#11. Making Your Partner Feel Bad.

Making your partner small and making them insecure by constantly saying that they could’ve done better is something that should not happen.

#12. Being Inappropriate With People Outside The Relationship.

Maintaining a certain distance with everyone outside your relationship is necessary. This includes every other person, not only ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. Both of you should understand that certain things that should be exclusive to you and your partner.

Did any of these points help you to identify issues? If so let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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