Today’s world is not a perfectly safe place for your kids to play around all alone. You may hear and see a lot that many children get harmed or get abducted while playing alone. You have to make sure that your child knows what to do when they are under threat. Knowing so would at least help them to gather other people’s attention who could help them. And if your child is big enough knowing them would help them escape or even save someone. Here’s such a story of a brave young girl.

11-year-old Julianne had been playing outside their Cleveland home with her brother Hayden who is 6. And while they were playing a stranger had come in their direction. The man had looked about 30 years and had been saying something which the kids couldn’t get. They had not thought about it much and had continued playing as the man walked away.

After some time the man had returned and suddenly had grabbed Hayden’s hand and had started to pull the boy from the yard. Then Julianne had understood that it was an abduction and had quickly acted to save her brother. Due to the heroism of her sister Hayden’s life was saved that day. After their dad Joshua had heard what happened he had rushed out of anger to catch the man but couldn’t catch him. In the meantime, Julianne had closely observed the man’s look. She had said that the lessons her parents taught her were in use to save her brother.

#1 Have a look at this video where she says about how the lessons were useful

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