The Theory of Karma origins from the Buddhist philosophy. This theory explains how one’s own actions will effect their own lives, since Karma is a theory that believes the deeds you do, good or bad will eventually return to you. A lot of people across many countries and cultures believe the laws of Karma. It has helped people to understand life as well as to make them better people doing better deeds.

Listed below are 11 laws of Karma which will help you to simplify your life and be happy. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below! 


As simple as the third law of Newton, Every action has an opposite or a greater reaction. Our lives will take the path which we decide to. The balance of good and bad is in no one’s control but yours.


The happiness and sorrow is self driven. No matter how influential the outer world might be, if you decide what things are relevant/irrelevant to you, you are unbothered.


Nothing can be held accountable for both good and bad in your life. It is the way that you choose to handle and accept them.


Self-growth affects everything, one should be conscious about their own growth. If the person lets their-self go down a bad road, they will experience negative growth and vise-versa. It is that simple.


Lies and flattering mask the truth to comfort us in the lie. It works until you end up in the ugly end of those lies. Accepting the reality helps us to be more confident and successful while being a good human being.


Tolerance leads to success and happiness. No good path is easy to take, but if you train yourself to endure the process until you reach the outcome, you will be a happy person.


Worrying about the past or dreaming about the future doesn’t help you at all. It just consumes the time you have now and obstruct your process which is not very supporting in any course you are in progress of.


The world operates in a cyclic pattern. If you don’t want the same to happen in your life, it is up to you to make the changes.


Happiness is something that you receive as much as you give. Being a selfless people turns people’s attitudes towards you positive. You will become a person with a light and a clear mindset when you are hospitable.


Clarity plays a huge role in life. When you surround yourself with multiple things to cloud you, the potential of success drops. But if you prioritize and direct your focus on one thing per time, your rates of success will increase a lot.


Every action and outcome is connected. The future will not turn out to be successful if your present is not. So, to change the out come of something, the whole operation should make the change.

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