There are different types of people in the world and Empathetic people are one of them. These type of people are a very special group. They are usually in touch with their emotions and their consciousness. Empathetic People are very helpful, nice and they spread love where ever they go.

They can be seen as people who soak up the negativity of a person when they are down or in need of help. Empathetic ones always are the best people who you can talk to or get help from and they will always be there.

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But what they do not reveal to you is that, as much as they help you in your time of need and also being present when you need them, they are struggling with themselves as well. Here are 10 things that they will try to keep for themselves that you should be aware of.

#1. They help too much.

Sometimes they will keep on helping others and making sure that they are okay while forgetting about themselves. This might cause them very bad outcomes since they will not care about taking care about themselves.

#2. Nature lovers.

They admire and love the nature very much. They find tranquility and peace when they are with nature.

#3. Detects lies fast.

Even though they are very nice to every person they meet, they have the ability to see right through lies of any one.

#4. Being alone.

Most of them love to spend time with people, but when they have a preference, they mostly choose solidarity. They like to be alone by themselves.

#5. Emotional.

They keep in touch with their feelings. That is why they are such great listener and problem solvers. But being too emotional by themselves will not help for themselves.

#6. End up being played.

When you are recognized as an Empathetic person, there are a huge amount of people who will come after you to get some use out of you since you will selflessly help.

#7. Sponges for feelings.

They will magically soak up all your negativity and frustration. They will surely be making your day better in no time.

#8. Adaptive.

They don’t get demoralized, they will adapt to any where or any body and work it out to result in the best positive way possible.

#9. Always stressed.

They soak up every one’s troubles and try to bring them peace by their selves and easily gets frustrated. Also, they will have to be alone in need of help since they just give, not get.

#10. They spread love.

Where ever they are or who they are with, they will give their best and love you with all their heart to make you happy to their best. People always love to have Empathetic people around because the moment becomes so alive with them!

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Joan Cuplin
2 years ago

I relate to most of these.