Most people think that respect is meant to be something that we should receive, command, or only receive from an outside source to us. But is it really how it should be? There is one type of respect that most of these people have forgotten today, that is ‘Self Respect’.

Even if you are not aware, you might be showing a great deal of disrespect to the person you see in the mirror because of this fact. Well, let’s take a look, how to identify if you are one such person.

1. Putting on a show for the world to see.

When you have to be someone else than your own self when you deal with other people. Then you are not being true to yourself.

2. Talking negatively about yourself.

Putting yourself down every time is a very negative mindset. It can affect you to devalue yourself and therefore actually perform badly because of your unhealthy mindset.

3. Putting other people over you.

Being there for your friends or people is a very noble thing in life. But if you prioritize them over your work and yourself, it is a very disrespectful thing you do to yourself. You will degrade and ruin your life and its missions.

4. Not speaking up when hurt.

You may think that being sad or hurt completely isolates you from the world. That is not true, you still get to speak up and state your point. People get hurt and sad from time to time, but it never takes away your right to speak up.

5. Being respectful for one who does not respect you.

Being there for people who always degrade and look down on you is damage you do to yourself. Surround yourself with a crown that will help, motivates, and respects you the same way you do to them.

6. Looking out for approvals.

People who depend on other people’s approvals do not get to live their lives. You will try to please someone else’s expectations while your abilities and likeness stand somewhere else.

7. Being responsible for things that are out of your reach.

Taking responsibility is a very good thing that will develop you as a person in any field or task you are in. But taking the fall for something you didn’t have any responsibility in is a very bad move to make since it puts yourself in a very low place.

8. Being envious of others.

Jealousy is a very bad quality that spreads and worsens with time. People are different and everyone has a different story. Your task in life is to be happy with yourself in your own story, not anyone else’s.

9. Judging other people.

It is not your duty to look after and mold other people’s lives. Even if the intentions are good or bad, trying to control and judge other people will discredit you a lot as a person. It will also corrupt you as a person bringing you no self-respect.

10. Not believing in yourself.

Believing in yourself is one of the most important things to be successful and happy. Without that, you will limit yourself in almost anything, and this can lead to disputes in your professional and personal lives as well.

If you have any of these things relating to you. Take a closer look at who you really want to be. Try taking a turn in your life where you can live a very happy and respected life!

h/t: Auxx

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