There are people who always make things better, even just by being present. What happens is that these people radiate positive energy which will make changes in the energy within other and the environment they are present.

They are called energetic healers. They always look at people and the world in positive ways. These people are easily spotted because they tend to be good friends with other people and people mostly talk good about them. If you feel that you gain happiness or some sort of energetic feeling when helping people and healing things. You might be an energetic healer.

Here are 10 signs that will tell you if you are an energetic healer.

#1. People feel comfortable and positive with your presence.

Even if it is unintentional, you will find people loving your conversations and company. They will always make sure to include you in everything they do since they like the vibe you bring to that certain atmosphere.

#2. Animals get attracted to you.

You may feel that you enjoy spending time with animals and that you might have a connection with animals even if they are stray or wild. This energy within you draw them to you in a friendly nature.

#3. People will open up to you without hesitation.

A lot of people will come to you to discuss their deepest emotions. They might feel secure with you as they waster no time discussing their deepest feelings with you. And you will always find the right thing to say.

#4. You will become very empathetic.

Energetic healers can feel others’ emotions and understand them very accurately. So, they are the best people to talk to when it is a mess.

#5. Anxiety will be a constant friend.

Because you are in touch with your feelings and also with others. You will tend to get stressed out more because you will feel every emotion deep within you.

#6. You will feel the energy levels very seriously.

The energy levels of people are understood by you. If you come back from a very friendly and positive environment, you tend to feel the loss of that energy as soon as you get away from that place or group.

#7. You tend to be more spiritual.

Spirituality is a key to find your energy and you will feel your energy regenerate when you spend your time in spiritual activities. It’s a good practice to enhance and embrace your energy.

#8. You will be drawn to resolving issues.

Your healing energy will always draw you to help other people who are in need. This will always keep you helping people you know and people who you don’t know as well. You will feel good by healing others with your positive energy.

#9. You will be able to predict most of the situations in life.

You will be involved in so many people’s situations that you will see a pattern in human behavior and their energies. So, with this, you will be able to predict someone’s actions before they through with it.

#10. You will always stand out from the crowd.

Because of these reasons that are mentioned above, you will be special and sometimes, you might even feel weird since you are different from others. Do not worry this is not something that everyone gets to do.

If you have these qualities in you. You might be an energetic healer and you are truly gifted. You will be able to spread so much good all around you that almost everyone who meets you will always have a good memory of you.

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