It is said that it’s the cat who chooses us. In the world, there are many people who love dogs and they think that cats are not lovable. It’s not true both of them are equally loveable. Cats are loveable in their own way and dogs in their way. There are researches that say cats are a really loyal type of animal. 

Here are some pictures that prove cats are also a good company.

#1. A good pillow for the little one.

© rickyhorror / reddit

#2. My hand is always there for you.

© Percussionoid91 / reddit

#3. Don’t worry I’ll be by your side.

© decapitatedwalrus / reddit

#4. Good friend to play with.

© didyoujustsay_meow / reddit

#5. Don’t be scared I’m here for you.

© Tearsforfearsforever / reddit

#6. Everything will be fine.

© OhhhFoxxy / reddit

#7. Shh… it’s fine, stop shouting.

© Deanothedino / reddit

#8. So any new news.

© McChubbs / reddit

#9. Mittens stay by lily’s side until she recovers.

© oefdkee / reddit

Cats might look a bit selfish at times but anyways they are really loveable. There are people who are scared of them and on the other hand, there are plenty of crazy cat lovers.

#10. Don’t make noise. He’s asleep.

© WorldsBestDadBod / reddit

#11. No worries I’m there for guarding you guys.

© Unknown / reddit

#12. No matter what they by our side.

© lalalazz / reddit

#13. Come let’s see what’s out there.

© DrPhillll / reddit

#14. Give me a high five dude.

© MrPresident91 / reddit

#15. Look away we are sleeping.

© Jaxtsuu / reddit

#16. Love you like my baby.

© Unknown / reddit

#17. Hugs are warm.

© titankingz / reddit

#18. Walking is important.

© snicpear / reddit

#19. A fine place to sleep.

© _chinook_82 / reddit

#20. Get well soon. I’m right here.

© sarcasticflower / reddit
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