At times you say that you aren’t interested in cartoons, but nothing can be further from the truth. We all love cartoons and have had a favorite character when we were young. No matter how old we get and where we have reached in our lives we always tend to love those characters.

There are a number of cartoons airing all around but there are some all-time favorites that are loved by people from many generations. Today we bring you some illustrations of all-time favorite cartoon characters in grown-up looks. The well-known self-taught artist Tati Moons had illustrated these characters giving them a modern-day look. Scroll down to have a look at these amazing illustrations.

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Marceline And Princess Bubblegum
image credits: tatimoons


image credits: tatimoons


image credits: tatimoons


image credits: tatimoons


image credits: tatimoons

Tatiana/ Tati Moons have used her talented hand to give your favorites from Disney, Winx Club, and Adventure times a grown-up look that suits the modern-day. This Spanish artist is a digital artist who learned everything on her own referencing YouTube videos and tutorials. She had learned how to paint by watching other artists in action.


Snow White
image credits: tatimoons


image credits: tatimoons


image credits: tatimoons


image credits: tatimoons


image credits: tatimoons

Her work is really eye-catching and the technical aspect of her artworks is simple. With the use of Wacom Intuos Art and Paint Tool Sai 2 and default brushes, she creates these eye-catching illustrations. For her to get better in her work references had helped a lot. Though she had not copied those works she had used them as guides to perfect her work.


image credits: tatimoons


Princess Bubblegun
image credits: tatimoons


Lagoona Blue
image credits: tatimoons


image credits: tatimoons

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